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gender, scent, and why we prefer one without the other

Is scent gendered? We don't think so, and have designed our goods with that in mind—they’re for everyone. And while there may not be greatly polarized opinions on scents for different age groups, ethnic background, or socioeconomic status (or maybe there are), it’s clear that marketing around aromas is often firmly divided when it comes to gender. Many things fall victim to the gender binary, and the natural world doesn’t get an exception. Close your eyes and consider what you think of as “feminine” scents—flowers, vanilla, fruit. And now “masculine” scents— tobacco, pine, smoke. Flowers for women, trees for men. As much as I’d like just to blame decades of marketing for getting us here (though I'd say we can all agree that plays a huge role), there’s a bit more to the history of scent and gender.