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Yorabode began with a simple premise—to turn a passion for thoughtful design into goods that people enjoy in their homes.


What started as a side hustle to a career in architecture soon became a full-time pursuit and lifestyle choice for founder Emily Campbell. Living with a host of environmental allergies and asthma, Emily found no better natural ingredient source than the wilderness of Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula. Local flora and terrain, explored on hikes with her dog Staedtler, inspired her to experiment with experience-based scents, which evolved through an iterative process into Brackish, Tertulia, Ground, Boreal, Tuckamore, Heather and Foray—the core of Yorabode’s scent palette. 


“As an architect, I was used to designing with the big picture in mind—I considered materials, forms and experience to create beautiful and functional homes. I use those same skills now, but my attention is focused on a different sense (scent) and scale. Ultimately though, I’m still after the same result, wellbeing at home.”


Yorabode’s belief is that simple products, thoughtfully made in small batches with wild ingredients, can inspire everyday wellness and connect us to ourselves and the natural world around us. Everything at Yorabode is taken with the lens that the best things take time, and unfold naturally — like the process of enfleurage, where botanicals release their infused magic over several weeks. 

Packaging, processes and  raw ingredients are carefully considered to minimize Yorabode’s impact on the planet. The team forages responsibly so the choice plants can continue to produce the aromatic botanicals we love and we offer a RE. USE. program where  you can return our vessels and get $1 off their replacement.


While it’s a very small team, employees are treated with respect and feel inspired by the work they do. All employees are paid a living wage and have health and wellness coverage. All employment opportunities are posted here.

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A passion for the built environment has led Yorabode to think of ways to give back to the community. To that end, Yorabode sets aside 3% of online sales to support housing first initiatives. The first project, Same House—Better Homes, is underway, with the goal of purchasing then renovating a home in St. John’s, Newfoundland to address critical housing needs by providing well-designed affordable housing. 

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