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once a year

We only do it once a year and that's because good things take time, and it's worth waiting for something special.

Whether it's clothing, decor, bath products or candles, most companies release multiple products every season. And there's a reason for that, new stuff sells better than what's been around. Ever since Yorabode's inception, we have only brought one new scent per year into our permanent collection. We're experimenting constantly and bursting with ideas, but take some serious restraint because we believe in quality over quantity. We'd much rather release one beautiful, balanced and incredible scent than ten that are so-so. If you buy our goods, you probably consume consciously as well. (We've wrote on this before when talking about foraging for decor or why we don't participate in Black Friday)

The process of crafting natural scents is complex. Usually it starts with an experience in nature. A few years back, Emily noticed that fall smells like cinnamon. Despite searching, she couldn't find specifically what created that aroma in nature before the leaves fell and the seasons change. But next fall, she was able to start earlier and more deliberately look for the botanical, and she found it—dried leaves from a cherry tree. (more on that discovery here) Then there was experimenting to figure out whether this aroma could be captured with natural and traditional methods or whether we'd have to blend other essential oils to echo it. Over the winter, spring and summer she continued to fine tune the scent blending it with other items, and even released some of these tests as limited edition offerings in some of our seasonal collections.

By the next fall (this one) three years later, we're ready to release the result of all this work. We waited for the seasons to change, worked with nature and happen to be very proud of what we came up with. Come celebrate with us on Saturday October 28th. If you'd like a sneak peak earlier, one iteration of the new scent is available as a bar soap in the seasonal collection—large and small.


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