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I found the smell—cinnamon

Every year when the weather takes a turn towards cool, I start to notice it. Is it just because I'm chomping at the bit for my annual pumpkin spice latte? Is it because I start baking again, and soak in all those baking spices? Am I making it up, or is there really something on the trails that smells like cinnamon? I had convinced myself that I was projecting. I put my nose into the dirt. Smelled branches, picked up dried leaves, tried the same on cooler days, after it rained, warmer days. Nada.

Mid November last year, I walked along the trail with my pup, as I did every day. In my normal pattern, I picked up dried grass from the ground, ran my hands through the dirt, stood on my tippy toes to get my nose into leaves drying on the tree. There it was—cinnamon! The leaves on a pin cherry tree along the Waterford River Valley. The next day I found more pin cherry trees along the steep hike up Fort Amherst, there it was again—cinnamon. It's different though, it has the same kind of grounding spice, but it also smells like earth. It smells like branches, dirt, and spice, cinnamon.

I love it! So I took on it on. I got all the supplies I needed and they sat in my cabinet of scents all year, waiting for the weather to cool. Waiting for the opportunity to smell it again. Then, last week as I was walking to the bus, there it was. A pin cherry whose leaves changed before the rest, I could smell it. My take has vetiver, cinnamon bark and patchouli. It's subtle and hits quite a bit differently than pumpkin spice, apple pie or the other seasonal scents you'll find in the aisles. But by now, you know me. Lauren poured it up into twelve ceramic tumblers hand thrown and glazed by Erin McArthur. The limited quantity will be available tomorrow as part of our fall collection. I think you'll like it.


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