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Aroma Ambiance

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Candles can cozy up our homes, but you need to choose wisely so you don't have one that's emitting toxins into your air and making you sick.

Photo by Laura Ellen MacDonald

Article originally published in Home and Cabin.

By this time, most are getting sick of the cooler weather and spending time inside. Over our long winter, I try to take cues from the Dane’s to make my home extra cozy or hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) as they’d say. Candles create a soft flickering light, warmth and can add a pleasant aroma to the room. Candles vary drastically in price and quality, here is some information to help you spend smartly.

Many homes have less ventilation in the winter than the summer, keeping any toxins inside for longer. Most commercial products use synthetic fragrance or ‘parfum’ one of the Dirty Dozen. This is why you may feel uncomfortable when walking through the cleaning aisle of any big box store. Synthetic fragrances can cause headaches, skin irritation, runny eyes or just down right irritability.