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We've gathered things you love, and goods that light us up to make. The seasonal collections are offered once a month. By purchasing them, you get early access and exclusive products at a discounted rate. By subscribing, you're supporting new scent development, a small business, our collaborators and our non-profit work. When you subscribe, you are also offered 10% off Yorabode products consistently when you choose to pick something up outside of your seasonal collection. 

Something you were hoping for that you don't see here? Like always, we'd love to hear your feedback—send us an email or reach out on social media. Or maybe you'd like a smaller box? Try this.


| Your collection will be available for local pickup or shipped on February 12th | 


How does it work?

These boxes can be purchased monthly, seasonally, or annually. The monthly and seasonal subscriptions are split into monthly payments, and the annual subscription will be paid once a year.



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Limited Edition Candles | A 9oz and 12oz pour of our limited edition scent in collaboration with PEI artist, Emily Howard. Notes of sweet gale, yarrow, and wild chamomille, which will (hopefully) help get you through the thaw of winter. 


Essential Oil | 10ml of our Tertulia essential oil. Notes of citrus hops, alder, and tobacco. Add a few drops to a diffuser, dryer balls, or get creative for a spring refresh. 

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    One-time purchase
    C$100.00every month until canceled
    every three months
    C$34.00every month until canceled
    C$103.00every year until canceled
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