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We've gathered things you love, and goods that light us up to make. The seasonal collections are offered once a month. By purchasing them you get early access and exclusive products at a discounted rate. By subscribing you're supporting new scent development, a small business, our collaborators and our non-profit work. Something you were hoping for that you don't see here? Like always, we'd love to hear your feedback—send us an email or reach out on social media. Or maybe you'd like a smaller or bigger box? Try this.


| Your collection will be available for local pickup or shipped on August 7th | 


How does it work?

These boxes can be purchased monthly, seasonally, or annually. The monthly and seasonal subscriptions are split into monthly payments, and the annual subscription will be paid once a year.



(left to right)


Small Bar of Soap | A 1oz Tertulia bar. Small but mighty. This bar is scrubby with ground tobacco, perfect for grass-stained hands and feet. 


Large Candle | One of our favourite late-summer scents. Ground is bright and citrusy. If sunshine had a scent, we think it would be this one.  Burns for 45-55 hours. 


Large Bar of Soap | A 4oz Heather bar. A lasting and smooth lather. Heather is the perfect scent for the season. 

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    Please note, if you subscribe to the small seasonal collection, you are responsible for paying for shipping. There is an unavoidable glitch on our website that causes shipping not to be charged for some subscriptions. If this is the case for yours, we'll get in touch.

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C$50.00every month until canceled
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C$17.00every month until canceled
C$52.00every year until canceled
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