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A long lasting bar of soap with a rich lather. Cleans without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. We make soap using a cold process technique. It takes at least five weeks to make and cure, because the best things take time. Our products are vegan, free of pthalates, palm and petroleum derivatives and made with all natural ingredients: oils, butters, essential oils and foraged botanicals. Inspired by place, the scents are subtle, natural and evocative of our landscape.


Good for all skin types, especially dry to normal skin. 


also available: In a smaller size. 


exfoliation: Very little, smooth.


scent: Foray — chanterelles, dried leaves, and cinnamon.


v. To go on an adventure, explore the forest floor.


Warm and rich, Foray is the smell of cool days as summer turns to fall. It has a cinnamon top-note. Rich tobacco, earthen and mushroom (chanterelle) aromas round out the scent. It's like finding the forest gold as your steps rustle the fallen leaves. 


Learn more about the other scents here or shop all Foray. 


weight: 100g


ingredients: Coconut oil, olive oil, water, lye*, essential oils, shea butter, beeswax, annato, activated charcoal. 


*None remains after saponification

  • CARE

    Your soap will last longer if stored in a draining soap dish away from water. Instead of right next to the shower head, stick this guy on the other side so it isn't soaping when not in use.


    Our goods are made with foraged botanicals. They change from season to season and are rooted in place. This is one of the beautiful parts of working with nature. You can expect subtle variations in colour, texture and scent from batch to batch.


    Our current policy can be found here.

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