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A special way to bring Yorabode into your home. Commence with our ceramic accessories, and refill the candle as the seasons change.


Ceramic Drip Plate | Candles should always be burned on a heat resistant level surface, like this drip plate. Collect all your goods in one place—candle, match striker, wick trimmer.  Hand-thrown by Syd Larcher in Canada. Diameter of approximately 7 inches. Food safe.


Ceramic Match Striker | Matches can be lit by striking them on the side or bottom of the vessel, where it is unglazed. Also made  by Syd. Dimensions: 6cm X 4.5cm  (diameter X height) Includes about 125 Red Bird 'strike anywhere' matches. This vessel works best with 'strike anywhere' type matches.


Candle in Amber Glass Jar | In any of our signature scents. Weight: 391g. Burn time: 45-55 hours. Ingredients: 100% soy wax, essential oils, foraged botanicals, wick is zinc free cotton and paper. We never use any synthetic fragrance. Explore the aromas we craft.

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