A limited edition candle poured into a handmade ceramic tumbler (by Syd Larcher). The tumbler would be a perfect vessel for bubbly and make the sweetest vessel for garden buds. Made of translucent porcelain, the candle glows through it and so does sunlight.


Lovage foraged right next to the cliffs that bound Torbay Bight is the main scent note. The plant looks a bit like cellery leaves or flat parsley and smells/tastes similar, lovage is one of my favourite things to forage in spring. It's got a spice similar to peppercorn that balances that lovely green note. The scent is rounded out with lavender and black currant shoots. It's fresh and not too floral. (Learn more about our foraging excursion on our blog)


Burn time: 60+ hrs


If you're in St. John's it can be refilled at Johnny Ruth for $35.

Candle in Ceramic Tumbler