This cold process soap is cured at least four weeks creating a long lasting bar with a rich lather.  Our products are vegan, free of pthalates, palm and petroleum derivatives and made with all natural ingredients: oils, lye essential oils and foraged botanicals.  Inspired by place, the scents are subtle, natural and evocative of our landscape.


Tuckamore or Boreal - oily to normal skin 

Tertulia - dry to normal skin (mild exfoliation)

Brackish - seriously scrubby, best for scrubbing off extra dirt, feet or hands. I love to use it after gardening. Not intended for use on face or body.


Ingredients: Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Water, Lye*, Essential Oils, Shea Butter, Beeswax. Brackish also has Atlantic Kelp, Spirulina, and Pumice Tuckamore has Activated Charcoal, and Tertulia has Foraged Alder.


*None remains after saponification




BOREAL adj. Of the North or Northern Regions. Delicate and balanced, Boreal has frost-like top notes of camphor and mint, followed by alder’s spicy floral aroma and juniper. It’s like feeling a cool breeze blow across the barrens as the seasons change.


TUCKAMORE n. A regional term describing a stunted, windswept tree, usually spruce. These stunning sculptural trees that dot Newfoundland’s coast may be hundreds of years old, but only a few feet tall and incredibly strong. This warming and sophisticated scent has notes of black spruce, juniper, smoke and clove. It’s like returning to the cabin’s warm glow on a silent winter’s evening.


TERTULIA n. [Spanish] Social gathering to share ideas. With escape in mind Tertulia is inspired by getting together and getting away. On the top, citrusy hops are energizing. The scent is rounded out by spicy and floral alder and grounding sharp tobacco leaf. It’s like slipping into the giggles daze long after a late summer sunset with friends and food.


BRACKISH adj. Slightly salty water where a stream or river meets the sea. Fresh and bright, Brackish has notes from both land and ocean: kelp, river mint, wild rose, labrador tea (or ledum) and salt.  It’s like taking your boots off and slipping your feet into a cold stream on a hot day.

2oz Bar of Soap

  • Your soap will last longer if stored in a draining soap dish away from water. Instead of right next to the shower head, stick this guy on the other side so it isn't soaping when not in use.



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