This cold process soap is cured at least four weeks creating a long lasting bar with a rich lather.  Our products are vegan, free of pthalates, palm and petroleum derivatives and made with all natural ingredients: oils, lye essential oils and foraged botanicals.  Inspired by place, the scents are subtle, natural and evocative of our landscape.


Tuckamore or Boreal - oily to normal skin 

Tertulia - dry to normal skin (mild exfoliation)

Brackish - seriously scrubby, best for scrubbing off extra dirt, feet or hands. I love to use it after gardening. Not intended for use on face or body.


Size - 40g


Ingredients: Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Water, Lye*, Essential Oils, Shea Butter, Beeswax. Brackish also has Atlantic Kelp, Spirulina, and Pumice Tuckamore has Activated Charcoal, and Tertulia has Foraged Alder.


*None remains after saponification


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